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Diet and EDS – Is there a link?

In recent years, there have been numerous articles around the link between diet and pain. Now, I was always one of those people who disregarded this and thought it was a load of nonsense. “How could what I eat possibly affect my pain levels?” However, a few months ago after a period of feeling ill… Continue reading Diet and EDS – Is there a link?

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Not Every Disability is Visible…

All too often in the media nowadays you see articles about people who have been vilified for parking in a disabled bay when they don’t look “disabled”.  Sometimes this is done by a note left on someone’s car windscreen, sometimes it’s verbal abuse upon getting out of the car and other times it is silent… Continue reading Not Every Disability is Visible…

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20 things I have learnt from my disability

When I was first diagnosed with EDS, I never really thought that the very thing causing me so much pain could teach me some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt but nevertheless it has. After having EDS for 24 years now (you’re born with it, even if symptoms don’t show until later in life)… Continue reading 20 things I have learnt from my disability

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EDS Awareness Month – An Open Letter

Since May is EDS awareness month, I thought I would write an open letter to those who don’t know or understand much about it. Dear friends, family and even strangers, below are some things that I want you to know and understand… I am scared, terrified in fact as I have no idea what the… Continue reading EDS Awareness Month – An Open Letter

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hEDS – What Is It?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3/Hypermobility EDS (hEDS) is a life-long genetic disorder, which is caused by an abnormal mutation of an unknown gene. It causes a fault in the collagen, which is the glue that holds our bodies and organs together causing it to become weak and fragile affecting the whole body. Collagen is found in… Continue reading hEDS – What Is It?